In France, the time of harvest is known as la vendange.


During this time, the French countryside is bustling with activity and anticipation as vintners work to haul in the harvest. Grapes all ripen at different rates depending on their varieties, and usually, the season of la vendange spans about two months – from August to October.


In Australia, in the southern hemisphere, our harvest season falls between January and March, and on Sunday the 6th of February, we hosted our own Bonvilla Estate style la vendange event.


What an eventful day, our guests loved wandering through the vineyards, rolling up their sleeves and harvesting grapes firsthand, with whites picked first, followed by the reds.


There was a real buzz around the place as everyone chipped into harvest the ripening grapes, a light sprinkling of rain didn’t damper spirits, and soon, it was time to get messy and start stomping.


The laughs and squeals (of delight mainly) rung out through the estate.


We certainly earned our lunch, enjoying the fresh food, music, games, appreciating the wines, and seeing all the hard work that goes into producing them.


Carol wrapped it up perfectly. “Bonvilla Estate was a lovely place to be for a good time.”


All our guests received a bottle of wine from the handpicked grapes at la vendange.


La vendange will be celebrated every year, and we look forward to welcoming you all again.