Family at the Heart of it.

Bonvilla Estate is passionately family owned and run. Our family is right alongside us and they are excited about what lies ahead. Our vision for Bonvilla Estate is to appeal to young wine enthusiasts, to couples with young families who want a no-worries winery experience with little ones in tow, right through to local and international travelers who are drawn to the heritage and beauty of the Hunter Valley.

Our family are hands on in the rebuilding of Bonvilla Estate, from recreating indoor and outdoor entertaining spaces, to harvesting and producing our first wines.

We look forward to welcoming you, your friends and maybe your family too!

Jane & Allan

The Perfect Backdrop

The Hunter Valley was always the ideal location for us! Perfectly positioned for day trips from Sydney or Newcastle and the birthplace of Australian Wine! We are fortunate to be right in the pocket where it all started.

Returning from Europe with 20,000 vine cuttings in 1832 James Busby was vital in helping establish the Hunter Valley as a key wine region and in turn vital in establishing Australia as a grape growing country.

We love how close knit the whole Hunter community is, and that there is always something on, be it a festival, a concert or a community celebration. There are endless reasons to visit the Hunter and we so lucky to be amongst it.

Our Vision

Our passion for time spent well together, will create experiences that bring others together with joy.

A Dream Realised

We traveled through Bordeaux on a river cruise a few years back and returned passionate about the idea of owning a Vineyard! A fledgling idea, we began our search and discovered Bonvilla Estate (as we went on to name it). We saw loads of potential and continued to develop the idea.

It wasn’t until some time later when my daughter was looking to get married and we walked through many reception venues across the Hunter and its surrounds, that we came back to the idea again. Finally after a trip to Napa Valley, inspiration really set in, and we knew this was the path for us to tread! We were thrilled that Bonvilla Estate was still available and we took steps to make it our own.

Having family heritage in hotels and on the land, and with roots already firmly placed in Newcastle, we welcomed the challenge of turning Bonvilla Estate into a thriving vineyard with must visit experiences.