• Things are really growing

    We heard from our Viticulturist Liz recently and the good news was that despite really dry conditions, Bonvilla is experiencing moderate canopies and solid crop loads.

    The Shiraz, Muscat, Semillon and Verdelho are all flourishing and Chardonnay while having smaller canopies than desired has put on a small burst of growth over the last week.

    We’re new to this world of wine making, but are working with trusted experts to get the best results. We are excited to harvest in January and start to explore our range for 2020.

  • New dam for dry days ahead

    We’re getting a deeper understanding for the climate now, and understanding the challenges presenting many Vineyards across the Hunter, with drier days. Our new dam reservoir will help us hold larger reserves of water and give our property the best opportunity to thrive.

  • Sunrises on the Estate

    We are spending more weekends down here, getting our plans in order, watching the vines progress. We are absolutely loving these sunrises and seeing the Hot Air Balloons get up in the morning. A celebration of everything wonderfully Hunter.


  • First Shoots

    Its been exciting watch our very first shoots start to sprout in the Vineyard amidst a very dry winter. We’ve got big plans for these humble beginnings.

  • We bought a vineyard!

    In June 2019, we bought a Vineyard! What an exciting time.

    Having raised families in Newcastle the Hunter had a special place in our hearts, and the opportunity to make a slice of it our own, was irresistible.

    We called her Bonvilla Estate and cannot wait to sink our teeth into reinventing her into a must-visit destination.

    Exciting times are ahead.